Pink Wasp ComingRoland Roberge

Roland Roberge is no longer with us except for his artistic style and creations. Colorful, graphically detailed elements many of them with a message. Experience and acquire the wonderful talented creations that he left with us

53 of his works are now on display at Art Agents International

These works use both traditional acrylic painting by hand and digital printing. The process began with Roland sketching down his idea in a notebook, then having that image transferred digitally (printed) onto the canvas. Roland used this as a base to work from for these paintings, essentially a digital version of an artist’s sketch beneath each painting. But Roland also took it one step further than this – he often chose to leave certain areas of the digital print visible on the canvas (essentially revealing his “digital sketch” underneath). This emphasizes Roland’s abilities as a mixed-media artist and his willingness to employ modern techniques within a classical style