The One and Only Bo Diddley!

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As the years go by I have the privilege of looking back. Yes, I enjoy sound or as I fondly say Tunes… I run the gamut of types of music that I like, and have an extension collection of albums and 45’s dating back to the early 1950s.
Over the years I’ve had a number of experiences, maybe more than most people and less than others – What I’m saying is pay attention to to the following!

Many nights seeing and experiencing live shows or maybe they can be called events…
One night stands out back in 1968 in Dayton, Ohio at the famous Diamond Club. Yes I said famous due to many disparate live shows, dancing and experiences there, as well as the family that owned this iconic nightclub. On to that Saturday evening me and a buddy Greg (the flipper) a nickname he acquired over the years. So its Greg and I attending a live show featuring Bo Diddley and Dutch (his woman). Without a doubt one of the MOST memorable evenings of my life. Looking back it was so incredible. i had to go to this show and my funds were lacking going to school and such. i new Flipper had some money so I made a deal with him that I would buy him dinner at my dads country club and I would charge it to my father! Hey, I was driven, I had to see this performance that I had heard about as well as my love for Bo Diddley sound. I just had to go and I did thanks to my father and Greg!!
What an evening right up front 20 feet from Bo Diddley, his band, the numerous giant speakers, the crowd (packed house). I won’t get into this crazy cool performance other than to say Dutch was on his back while he was playing and going across the floor – I’ll stop there. Oh, if I had a video of that evening… The only video I have is in my mind! I am inserting this very vanilla shindig video that is on You Tube. I hope you enjoy, I know that I do and always will! I’d like to dedicate this to Greg “the Flipper” who passed away a few years ago and thank him for helping to make a show a show!

The video I’m posting is Bo Diddley and Roadrunner and that will have a followup video from a live concert Sept. 1968, I saw him live Oct. 1968 in a nightclub – this live show concert video is tame compared to the Diamond Club show I was at…

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Bill West
The founder and director of several art and sculpture related marketing companies along with their companion websites. Bill West is all about Art, Sculpture. Music, Architecture, Technology and items that move like cars and all motion related cool - all things Spatial. Bill West first became involved in the visual communications industry in 1972. Starting with a Craft store, then moving into commercial and fine arts store and both wholesale and retail as well as publishing our own 300 page catalog. That morphed in as gallery and large custom picture frame operation. Soon after that we ventured into drafting and engineering supply company and large scale photo reprographics services operation with complete large format color lab! Next came a Computer graphics systems integration company. Selling both cad/cam systems and micro-computer design cad systems which integrated AutoCad and 3D visualization programs to the PC. Always a forward thinker, Bill can spot market changes in the making and is good at positioning companies to benefit from that eventuality. A good example of this seeming clairvoyance is the way he jumped on the internet in 1993. By 1995 he had created a respected internet marketing business catering to the visual arts community.

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