When the Floating Seahorse floating home was first unveiled, it had the look of something that might well stay on the drawing board. On the contrary, though, the first one is now in situ at the World in Dubai and, such has been the interest in them, details of a larger Signature Edition have been released.

The Floating Seahorses are developed by the Kleindienst Group and designed, engineered and built in the United Arab Emirates. The 4,004-sq ft (372-sq m) Signature Edition was conceived especially for groups and families with guests. Kleindienst says it fuses Emirati culture and lifestyle with European design.

As is the case with the original Tzar Edition, the Signature Edition units are spread across three levels – a sea level, an upper deck and a lower, submerged level. There are four sleeping areas, which can accommodate up to eight adults and eight children in total, and can be adapted for use as living spaces during the day.

The sea level houses a Sea Family Room and Sea Bedroom. On the upper level there’s another bedroom (the “Sky Bedroom”) and what Kleindienst calls a Sky Majlis, Majlis being an Arabic term for a place to sit or commune. Finally, the lower level is home to the Master Bedroom and bathroom, an entertainment room and an additional en-suite guest bedroom. The two submerged bedrooms offer views of surrounding marine life and a 600-sq ft (56-sq m) coral garden.

underwater bedroom


As mentioned, the spaces on the Signature Edition are designed to be versatile, with each level able to be adapted to meet current needs of the users. The outdoor spaces have climate control to ensure they are comfortable all-year-round, but they can also be fully enclosed for use as internal rooms if required.

In addition to the various spaces being multi-use, the design of the Signature Edition can be customized to the preferences of each customer. Kleindienst says there are a number of different quality finishes from which to choose for each of the rooms, with other interior design aspects and even soft furnishings able to be tailored. Buyers can spend time with the Kleindienst design team in order to make those design choices and refine the style.

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