Roberto Santucci makes the piano sing. Just love this man’s incredible talent >>>
We got connected via LinkedIn and I am so infatuated with his talents…

Roberto Santucci, born in Cagliari (Sardinia), is a pianist whose reputation both as a composer and as a performer is worldwide. Having graduated at the “Conservatorio di Musica” in Cagliari, he eventually improved his musical skills at the illustrious “Mozarteum” in Salzburg, being mainly influenced by musicians such as W.A. Mozart, F. Chopin and S. Rachmaninoff.
After years of a lively and satisfying career as a performer, he finally developes what in the future is going to be his peculiar taste as a composer: a style which is intense, deeply melodic and capable, from the very first measures, to get in touch with the listener’s emotions — the critics have defined this style as “Classic New Age”.
Roberto Santucci’s reputation as a musician quickly spreads and flies beyond many borders: in many a location all around the world Santucci has displayed his art and gained generous appreciations — Paris, Belgum, Latvia, Russia, and of course Italy, especially in Rome.
As an evidence of his being a tout court artist, Roberto Santucci has worked throughout his career with the most different kinds of professional artists, such as sculptor and painter Anna Izzo, the Swedish photographer Leif Sylvan and the Italian movie director Claudio Sestieri.
In 2008 his composition “L’Isola dei Tuoi Sogni”, from the album “Atlantide Sommersa”, reaches the first place in the charts of the New York radios of the website These are not the only satisfying news coming from beyond the Ocean: reviewing the very album “Atlantide Sommersa”, American critic Eric Lawrence has no doubt and defines Roberto Santucci as being “among the best piano players of the genre” and his music “timeless”.
Along with his composing and performing activity, Roberto Santucci is a passionate music and piano teacher in his hometown Cagliari.